impACT International welcomes news MLL Legal drops Elbit as a client

impACT International welcomes news MLL Legal drops Elbit as a client
Email from Dunja Koch to Palestine Action


impACT International welcomes news that, after much direct action disruption from Palestine Action, that MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep LLP’s ‘Merger & Acquisition’ services has dropped Elbit Systems as a client.


Elbit Systems is and has been a major contributor to Israel's ability to carry out war crimes across the Occupied Palestinian territory. Since the advent of the nations invasion and ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip, Elbit's CEO, Bazhalel Machlis has reiterated the corporations support for the illegal assault, stating that they had "ramped up production". The company provides 85% of Israel's military drone fleet, land-based equipment, bullets, munitions, and missiles. 


On the 23rd April, MLL Legal’s partner Dunja Koch, confirmed to Palestine Action over email that they were to end associations with the Israeli Occupations most infamous weapons provider. Palestine Action has been active in their targeting of MLL Legal’s London offices, repeatedly spray painting the building to illustrate the companies complicity with Israeli war crimes. 


This is the fifth company to end their association with the Israeli weapons manufacturer due to direct action. 



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