Indonesia prepare case against Israel for “blatant violation of international law”

Indonesia prepare case against Israel for “blatant violation of international law”
Indonesia announce ICJ case.

The Indonesian state is preparing its legal arguments for an ICJ hearing to challenge Israel for it’s “blatant violation of international law against Palestine”. 


Unable to support South Africa’s ICJ case, which accuses Israel of genocide, due to Jakarta not being a signatory to the Genocide Convention, a separate hearing where parties are to estlablish their views on the matter is scheduled to take place at The Hague on the 19th February is to take place. 


Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry has “assembled a team of experts to help formulate arguments in an ICJ advisory case that seeks to hold Israel accountable” for it’s various violations of international lawn and well-documented crimes against humanity in Occupied Territories. 


Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi stated, ahead of a conversation with legal experts in Jakarta that “our deliberations today will not only support Indonesia’s diplomacy, but support the enforcement of world order according to international law and to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters to achieve their independence”. 


“The main point of all Indonesia’s efforts is to look for all possible ways to continue supporting the Palestinian struggle”.


This adds further international pressure on the Israeli state to cease it’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip.


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