Israel should reconsider its policies towards immigrants and migrant workers and stop forced deportation

Israel should reconsider its policies towards immigrants and migrant workers and stop forced deportation

London- Israel should reconsider its policies towards immigrants and migrant workers and stop forcibly deporting them.  According to ImpAct International for Human Rights Policies; this behavior is a blatant violation of International Law.

Hundreds of immigrant children, who were born in Israel, are under the threat of forced deportation, thus casting them out in the world of unknown. The implicit aim of the Israeli policy is to achieve a demographic change that keeps the Jewish  a majority.  Again such a policy is deemed  by ImpAct, as a racist practice.

In many cases, and as stated  by ImpAct International,  the Israeli authorities inhumanely carry out deportation without taking into account the immigrants’ and refugees’ status or even considering them as vulnerable people.  For example, hundreds of children born in Israel were at risk of forced displacement during the past period.  ImpAct noted  that Israel does not grant a refugee status to most of the African immigrants except for few of them. The rest of immigrants are granted a three-month temporary renewable residence permit. As for immigrants who did not apply for a refugee status,  while extending their temporary residence permit are offered 3500-dollar reward and a free ticket to leave the country. In  case they do not accept the offer, they are at risk of imprisonment for undetermined period.

According to United Children of Israel (UCI) that supports children immigrants and migrant workers in Israel, in addition to 600 Filipino families who are at risk of deportation, the Filipino Rosemary Peretz and her Israeli-born 13-year-old son Rohan were forcibly deported from Israel in August 2019 after the expiry of her work visa. During the years of her work in Israel, she was forced to hide after giving birth to her son, because her visa did not allow her to start a family, which is also the case of thousands of Asian workers in Israel. Rosemary,  reported the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel, stayed in Israel for many years, including 12 years of an illegal stay. Moreover, Six hundred Filipino families that include many children are still at risk of deportation, reported ( UCI)  the non-governmental organization United Children of Israel.  Since last January, the Israeli authorities have arrested 36 families including 24 Filipino families for illegally staying in Israel; those were not released until they agreed  to leave before the end of 2019.

Deporting migrants, including hundreds of children who were born in Israel to areas they have never visited before contravenes with international charters and conventions that deal with migrants. In this regard,  ImpAct  called on Israel to respect its international commitments pertaining  to immigrants and foreign labor and to stop pushing immigrants by all available means toward returning  them to their home or to any other country.



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