Swedish AP Funds reported to police for harmful investments

A Swedish civil society network has reported the country’s big state pension funds – the AP Funds – to the police for investing in a manner that is harmful to people as w...

France: Do not endorse invasive surveillance for Olympics and Paralympics

The groups argue the proposed surveillance measures, set out in Article 7 of the new law, will violate international human rights law

Ecowashing: Head of UAE state oil company placed in charge of group tasked with stopping...

The decision to hold this event in the United Arab Emirates, a state that has its own history of abusing guests to that country, is an act of Ecowashing


Why the privatisation of health sector is a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation increases discrimination towards those who cannot afford private insurance

Ghana: Apocalyptic scenes of gold mine truck explosion, Canadian Kinross Company liable

The explosion of a truck carrying explosives to a goldmine in Ghana managed by the Canadian Kinross compan...
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Webinar: Spyware, Surveillance, and Civil Liberties

ImpACT International brought together leading human rights campaigners and privacy activists to chart a way towards stopping the growing use of this dange...

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