Sewing in dire circumstances: workers' rights in the Bangladesh garment industry

The textile sector is of emphatic importance for Bangladesh’s economy as well as for the European markets, so it is fundamental to understand the inadequacies regarding w...

Healthcare privatisation: a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation of the healthcare sector has resulted in lower efficiency, reduced responsiveness, higher financial inequality and worse health outcomes.

ImpACT to UNHRC: Vaccine manufactures should share their technical know-how to increase g...

Only 1 in 10 people will be vaccinated in nearly 70 lower-income countries due to the massive hoarding by wealthy countries

Why the privatisation of health sector is a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation increases discrimination towards those who cannot afford private insurance

Multinational corporations must address their role in enabling child labour

Most of the world's chocolate is tainted by human rights violations
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ImpACT tells Human Rights Council that corporations must collaborate...

This must be a collective effort, and the involvement of the private sector is now critical more than ever

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State institutions, in their policies and practices, fulfill their duties as mandated by the human rights agreements to which the state is a contracting party.
Corporations, local and multinational, apply and play a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights, especially with the abolishment of slavery, human trafficking, and illegal labor exploitation.
Seminal human rights conventions, bills, declarations, guiding principles, and other major publications are promoted in innovative ways to a diversified and broadened audience.