Oliver Wood


Oliver holds a Master's degree in Securities Studies from University College London. He is committed to discussing important issues in vulnerable and war-impacted areas, highlighting the immediate and long-lasting devastation inflicted on communities. With the role of security and surveillance becoming an increasingly nuanced and all-encompassing issue, he is particularly interested in how complex state and institutional policy goals impact the lives of everyday people, maintaining a close focus on function creep. He is interested in finding functional solutions to humanitarian issues that use region-specific, durable policy tools.


Sudan: What is happening and what can be done?

As clashes continue across the nation, concerns regarding the re-ignition of civil war, worsening humanitarian conditions, and skyrocketing civilian death...

Palm Oil companies under scrutiny after assassination attempt of Lúci...

Lúcio Tembé, community leader and activist has been shot in the head by two gunmen. An investigation into Palm Oil involvement is underway.