Business & Human Rights

New study: Jordanian ISPs violate customers' privacy

Customer privacy is routinely violated by the most prominent Jordanian ISPs

Cashews are Delicious, but Come with a Human Cost

Children working in the cashew industry lose their basic rights to attend school and grow up in a healthy environment

Impact of Office Locations on the Policies of Multinational Companies...

It is time for both governments and international “media” corporations to sign on to global standards for the protection of human rights

Impact of Private Sectors in times of conflicts and crisis situations...

In times of conflicts and crisis situations, private sector has a key role in recovering and developing national economy

ImpACT reveals the involvement of famous chocolate companies in slave...

Famous chocolate companies such as Nestlé, Hershey’s and Mars have been selling products inflicted with child labour

Conducting Human Rights Due Diligence and Tackling Negative Effects

There's a need to define and evaluate actual and expected negative human rights effects which may result from business enterprises’ activities or their re...

Business Enterprises’ Responsibility of Respecting Human Rights

Business enterprises should abide by their policies, procedures, and reflect this on all relevant parties

Business Enterprises’ Responsibilities of Respecting Human Rights

Business enterprises should avoid activities that cause or contribute to reverse human rights effects