Conservative Party receive £1.3m from JCB despite recognised links to human rights abuses...

openDemocracy reveals that the Conservative Party and a number of it’s representatives have received up to £1.3m from JCB despite OHCHR and NCP concluding that they are c...

GLP launches legal proceedings over heavily redacted NHS/Palantir deal

The Good Law Project has launched legal proceedings to reveal the full partnership document, released in December and heavily redacted, over concerning patient data deal...

Savannah Resources embarks on controversial lithium mining project in Portugal

London-based Savannah Resources embarks on a lithium mining project, set to become Western Europe’s largest mine for the precious metal, but has encountered concerns abou...


Why the privatisation of health sector is a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation increases discrimination towards those who cannot afford private insurance

International Community, particularly big tech, must do more for Myanmar

The military junta’s increasingly tight grip on civil society stretches beyond physical space and into onl...
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Amazon accused of union-busting in Midlands

Amazon has been accused of union-busting after placing anti-union messages at warehouses set to strike in 2024 over pay and conditions.

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State institutions, in their policies and practices, fulfill their duties as mandated by the human rights agreements to which the state is a contracting party.
Corporations, local and multinational, apply and play a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights, especially with the abolishment of slavery, human trafficking, and illegal labor exploitation.
Seminal human rights conventions, bills, declarations, guiding principles, and other major publications are promoted in innovative ways to a diversified and broadened audience.