UAE must amend labour laws to bring Emirates in line with UDHR

The appalling treatment of migrant workers in the UAE must change, bringing labour law mechanisms in line with the UDHR is critical.

AI Enabled Genocide: Israel’s Invasion of Gaza

Israel are deploying a number of highly concerning policies, which treat civilians as legitimate targets, in their invasive use of ‘Targeting AI’ in their invasion of the...

Kuwaiti Citizenship and Punitive Revocation

Kuwaiti authorities must reform its approach to citizenship revocation.


Why the privatisation of health sector is a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation increases discrimination towards those who cannot afford private insurance

Meta faces lawsuit after “unlawful” termination of Palestinian-American software engineer

Ferras Hamad was terminated for, according to The Washington Post, trying to ‘fix bugs’ which have been ce...
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UK ignores IHL, UN expert advice, domestic legal experts and continue...

A report released this morning reveals that the UK authorities have continued to issue military export licenses to Israel despite investigations at the IC...

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State institutions, in their policies and practices, fulfill their duties as mandated by the human rights agreements to which the state is a contracting party.
Corporations, local and multinational, apply and play a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights, especially with the abolishment of slavery, human trafficking, and illegal labor exploitation.
Seminal human rights conventions, bills, declarations, guiding principles, and other major publications are promoted in innovative ways to a diversified and broadened audience.