The right to access information and the confidentiality of patients' medical secrets under coronavirus pandemic

Governments are responsible for achieving the best balance between protection of patients' privacy and public health/national security

Refugees, homeless and prisoners likely to be forgotten in the COVID-19 panic

The risk of dying from COVID-19 among the homeless is 10 times more than those who are sheltered and financially flexible.

Gaza asks: How is living under quarantine?

While most people around the world have led a free life until now, isolation is not new to Gazan Palestinians

Concerns related to the right to access to information as the world battles coronavirus

Concerns related to the right to access to information as the world battles coronavirus

ImpACT joins 28 human rights groups to call for end to bans on free internet calling during COVID-19 pandemic—and always

We want the prohibitions lifted for good, but the action is especially critical during the global COVID-19 pandemic
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Restrictions on internet services must be lifted during COVID-19 pandemic

Blocking communication platforms prevents people from obtaining the information they need whilst trying to battle coronavirus

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