Water UK to ‘recoup’ sewer investment by passing cost onto customers

UK water companies to hike bills after apologising for 300 000 sewage spills.

Assad’s invitation to COP28 must be rescinded, here’s why…

UAE President Mohammed bin Zahid Al Nahyan invites Assad to COP28 Conference in Dubai.

Recent actions by London’s Metropolitan Police indicate a worrying descent into authorita...

Over 2023, public trust in the Met, illuminated by Ms Louise Casey’s damning report, is at an all-time low. The killings of black people, un-even policing, the Public Ord...


Why the privatisation of health sector is a roadblock on the way to universal health coverage

Privatisation increases discrimination towards those who cannot afford private insurance

SOAS University accused of wage theft

A number of staff at University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) have reported the...
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Palm Oil companies under scrutiny after assassination attempt of Lúci...

Lúcio Tembé, community leader and activist has been shot in the head by two gunmen. An investigation into Palm Oil involvement is underway.

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