About Us

Who we are

ImpACT International for Human Rights Policies is a nongovernmental think-tank based in London, United Kingdom. It monitors and delivers technical advice on human rights to governments, international bodies, national institutions, and influential corporations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operationalize a culture of human rights within nationally and internationally influential institutions of both the public and the private sectors. ImpACT International seeks to deliver on this mission through an evidence-based approach to policy innovation where rights deficits are assessed holistically and addressed constructively in dialogue with advised institutions.

Key objectives

State institutions, in their policies and practices, fulfill their duties as mandated by the human rights agreements to which the state is a contracting party.

Corporations, local and multinational, apply and play a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights, especially with the abolishment of slavery, human trafficking, and illegal labor exploitation.

Seminal human rights conventions, bills, declarations, guiding principles, and other major publications are promoted in innovative ways to a diversified and broadened audience.

Intended Targets

Executive, legislative, and judicial institutions of states

Impact International works with these institutions to ensure states integrate principles of human rights in the planning and implementation of their public and foreign policy, and focuses on partnering with these institutions to establish just and fair labor regulations, rights-informed trade agreements, and effective mechanisms of accessing legal support.

Multinational corporations and other influential private sector actors, including representative groups such as unions and syndicates

ImpACT International works with these parties to cultivate rights-friendly business operations, strategies, and partnerships, and focuses on scaling up the application and impact of fine corporate social responsibility standards that are interlinked with human and labor rights

The United Nations and its agencies, as well as relevant international and regional bodies such as the Council of Europe and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, where a variety of international agreements, whether on human rights, on trade and business activity, or on both, have been or have the potential of being developed

ImpACT International works with these partners to expand and enhance the promise, progress, and product of its work with the first two intended targets. These, for example, include the International Labor Organization, the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council, the International Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, among many more.


In delivering its mission, ImpACT International employs, among other tools, the following

  • Evidence-based research informed by critical consideration of political, economic, cultural, and environmental factors.
  • Policy analyses and case studies.
  • Strategy development (e.g. country and corporation profiles).
  • Dialogue, advocacy, and lobbying (with public and private actors).
  • Public awareness campaigns.