Lebanon’s decision to increase deposit guarantees is positive step, but more reform is needed to protect small businesses

Increasing deposit guarantees is crucial to minimizing damage from the Lebanese financial crisis

Libya’s Human Rights Record Considering the Universal Periodic Review

As the Libyan conflict moved into its sixth year, there is still no sign of improvement of the humanitarian situation in certain parts of the nation

Civic Freedoms in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Israel’s Racist Policies towards Palestinians

The policies are harsh on the Palestine community, and violate fundamental human rights and international law

Thousands of migrants in Israel are a risk of forced deportation

Thousands of migrants in Israel are a risk of forced deportation

ImpACT study forces action: Jordanian authorities pledge to require ISPs to protect privacy of customer data

These are great first steps, but It is important to go further. Accepting customers' complaints about contract violations is inadequate, since the agreements and policies themselves do not comply with basic standards
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Businesses can contribute to armed conflict—or be part of peacebuilding, concludes ImpACT roundtable

The private sector has contributed to armed conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, concluded a roundtable discussion organised in London by ImpACT International for Human Rights Policies.

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WhatWe Want

Seminal human rights conventions, bills, declarations, guiding principles, and other major publications are promoted in innovative ways to a diversified and broadened audience.
Corporations, local and multinational, apply and play a bigger role in protecting and promoting human rights, especially with the abolishment of slavery, human trafficking, and illegal labor exploitation.
State institutions, in their policies and practices, fulfill their duties as mandated by the human rights agreements to which the state is a contracting party.