Country Profiles

Impact of Private Sectors in times of conflicts and crisis situations: Yemen and Syria as a case study

In times of conflicts and crisis situations, private sector has a key role in recovering and developing national economy and eventually leading to peace building.

UN policies aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

London– The UN policies in handling the humanitarian crises in Yemen are not properly planned, admonished ImpACT International for Human Rights Policies. Consequently, civilians in

Israel should reconsider its policies towards immigrants and migrant workers and stop forced deportation

London- Israel should reconsider its policies towards immigrants and migrant workers and stop forcibly deporting them.  According to ImpAct International for Human Rights Policies; this

Transitional government in Sudan must address repressive policies to stop deterioration of life conditions

London – The Sudanese transitional government must address repressive laws and policies to stop the deterioration of life conditions in the country in light of

Libya’s Human Rights Record Considering the Universal Periodic Review

WHAT IS THE UPR? The major United Nations (UN) human rights organisation is the Human Rights Council (HRC), and one of the mechanisms of this Council

Lebanon’s Policies towards Syrian Refugees: The Rights to Work and to Education

Western communities may have helped by providing aid to Lebanon, but more needs to be done to reverse the negative portrayal and treatment of Syrian

Civic Freedoms in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Israel’s Racist Policies towards Palestinians

Although the reasons may differ based on arguments, many believe Israel’s policy of demolishing Palestinian houses in the occupied Palestinian territory is politically motivated and

Forced Marriage and Violence against Women in Morocco: Legislations Failing to Put an End to Violations

Morocco ironically has the best records with domestic violence against women out of the three countries of the Maghreb

Human Trafficking in the Gulf Countries

It’s been an interesting time for the Arab world after the Arab Spring. The past few decades have seen a sharp rise in international migration.

Legal Framework for Establishing of Human Rights Groups in Saudi Arabia: Current Environment and Required Repairs

There are debates over the definition of NGOs in Saudi Arabia since they are, at times, under the supervision of the Saudi government