ImpACT reveals the involvement of famous chocolate companies in slavery-like child labour

LONDON– Famous chocolate companies such as Nestlé, Hershey’s and Mars have been selling products inflicted with child labour during its production process, according to a

Conducting Human Rights Due Diligence and Tackling Negative Effects

Firstly, there is a need to define and evaluate  actual and expected negative human rights effects which may result from business enterprises’ activities or their

Business Enterprises’ Responsibility of Respecting Human Rights

Pertaining internal availability, business enterprises should illustrate clearly their policies, procedures and accountability, and  support this with an appropriate training for its employees.  Furthermore, coherence

Business Enterprises’ Responsibilities of Respecting Human Rights

However, enterprises carry out corporate social responsibility selectively. In other words, they have voluntary options to tackle certain activities. Nonetheless, a human- right approach demands